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John Marsden Books - Tomorrow When the War Began & more

John Marsden is Australia's best selling author for teenagers and a highly acclaimed picture book writer. His first book, So Much to Tell You was published in 1987. It was very well-received, won many awards and sold in record number. This book has been followed by many more, including the hugely popular Tomorrow series of 7 books and the sequel trilogy The Ellie Chronicles, all of which feature Ellie Linton, the heroine and narrator.

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So Much To Tell You (1987)

The Great Gatenby

The Journey

Staying Alive In Year 5

Out Of Time (1990)

Letters From The Inside (1991)

Take My Word For It (1992)

Looking For Trouble (1993)

Cool School (1996)

Creep Street (1996)

Checkers (1996)

Dear Miffy (1997)

Norton's Hut (1998)

Winter (2000)

The Rabbits - click here to buy

A Day in the Life of Me - click here to buy


A Roomful of Magic

Home and Away - click here to buy


Everything I Know About Writing (1993)

This I Believe (1996) (editor)

For Weddings and a Funeral (1996) (editor)

Secret Men's Business (1998)

The Head Book

The Boy You Brought Home


Tomorrow, When the War Began (1994)

The Dead Of The Night (1994)

The Third Day, The Frost (1995)

Darkness, Be My Friend (1996)

Burning For Revenge' (1997)

The Night Is For Hunting (1998)

The Other Side Of Dawn (1999)


While I Live (2003)

Incurable (2005)

Circle of Flight (2006)


Buy JOHN MARSDEN books - click here

More about John Marsden

Marsden was born in Melbourne, in 1950, the third of four children. He spent much of his childhood in rural Australia, moving first to Kyneton in Victoria, then to Devonport in Tasmania. At the age of ten, Marsden's family moved to Sydney and he enrolled at The King's School, Parramatta, which was renowned for its overbearing military style of education. Upon completion of his high schooling, Marsden began a Law/Arts degree at the University of Sydney, and worked at a mortuary, in a sideshow and as a security guard, before finally becoming an English teacher.

He taught for nine years at Geelong Grammar School, and became Head of English at the school's Timbertop campus. In 1982, he was arrested while on the blockade attempting to stop construction of the Franklin Dam. As all the prisons in the region were full due to the number of people arrested, Marsden was placed in the high-security Risdon Prison for a night. He later wrote that he used the experience to help him write scenes in Letters From The Inside and parts of the Tomorrow series.

His first book, So Much To Tell You was published in 1987. His landmark Tomorrow Series is recognised as the most popular book series for young adults ever written in Australia. The first book of this series, Tomorrow When The War Began, has been reprinted 26 times in Australia. Free copies of Tomorrow When the War Began were distributed to hundreds of thousands of Swedish teenagers, after it was selected by their peers as the book reluctant readers would be most likely to enjoy. While I Live is the first sequel of a new series of books, The Ellie Chronicles
, featuring Ellie Linton from the Tomorrow Series. It was published in 2003, with the second and third novels, Incurable and Circle of Flight, released in November 2005 and November 2006 respectively. In Australia alone, John has sold over two and a half million books.

Marsden's current project is making an alternative setting school on his bush property, the Tye Estate near Romsey, Victoria. The school, named Candlebark, opened on January 31, 2006 with 52 students ranging from Prep (5 years old) to Year 8.

Marsden currently holds writers conferences and writers weekends, both for people with completed scripts and for teenagers wishing to learn to write. He personally takes the workshops and mixes his writing skills with drama and his ability as an English teacher. He recently won the Lloyd O'Neill Award, becoming one of only five authors to be honoured for lifelong services to the Australian book industry.

He has also been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award - the world's largest children's and youth literature award, and the second largest literature prize in the world. The winner was announced in March 2008. John didn't win, but the prize went to another Australian author, Sonya Hartnett. Past winners include Philip Pullman and Maurice Sendak, so this nomination is an extraordinary and fitting recognition of John's fantastic contribution to children's literature.

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